Tax information authorization TIA


A tax information authorization gives that person the legal right to review some confidential taxpayer information.

A TIA relationship does not allow the representative to act on a taxpayer’s behalf to resolve their tax issues with FTB. For the right of the representative to act on their behalf, a taxpayer needs to file a Power of Attorney (POA) Declaration. Visit Power of attorney vs. tax information authorization for more information.

TIA forms



Length of TIA

Generally, a TIA lasts for 13 months, unless it’s revoked.

To renew the TIA for an additional 13 months:

Ending (revoking) your TIA

Anyone on the TIA can revoke the TIA at any time (such as the taxpayer, business, or representative).

Rights and authorizations

A TIA relationship gives a representative the right to get information such as:

  • Estimated tax payments
  • Notices (letters)
  • Account status and history

You may authorize or deny your representative's request for full online account access. You do not need a MyFTB account to use this option.

Tax professionals and MyFTB

If a representative has a MyFTB account, they will have limited online access to the taxpayer's account information once the TIA is approved. Tax professionals can request full online account access.

Visit Tax professional online account access for more information.