Tax professional online account access MyFTB

Online Account Access Levels

We've listed what a tax professional can view and actions they can take for each access level.

  • This applies to information available online using MyFTB.
  • The information your tax professional can receive by phone, chat, correspondence, or in person is not limited by their online account access level.
  • Limited online account access is granted by FTB when relationship is approved.
  • Full online account access must be authorized by taxpayer.

Online Account Access levels

Authorization Type Limited Online Account Access Full Online Account Access
  • View notices and correspondence* sent from us in the last 12 months
  • Request full online account access to client’s information
  • Chat with us about confidential matters
  • Send us a secure message with attachments
  • View information for all tax years:
    • Notices and correspondence*
    • Account balance and tax year details
    • Estimate payments and credits
    • California wage and withholding information – individual clients only
    • Payment history
    • List of returns filed
    • Proposed assessments
    • FTB-issued 1099 information – individual clients only
    • Exact business entity name to use when filing a return
    • Account access activity
  • Chat with us about confidential matters
  • Send us a secure message with attachments
  • Calculate a balance due for a date in the future
  • Calculate tax, refund, or balance due
  • File a nonresident withholding waiver request
POA All of the above applies for the tax year(s) listed on the POA declaration All of the above applies for the tax year(s) listed on the POA declaration, plus:
  • View images of tax returns
  • Update contact information
  • Protest a proposed assessment
  • Access hearing information - individual clients only
  • Respond to a proposed assessment to request a 30-day deferral to file a tax return
  • Request an individual status letter (FTB 4148)

*Tax professionals with a TIA may access notices and correspondence in MyFTB for any tax year.

How the process works

  • After we approve a relationship, either a Tax Information Authorization (TIA)or Power of Attorney (POA), between a taxpayer and a tax professional, the tax professional has limited online account access to the taxpayer's information.
  • If the tax professional requests full online account access, we mail the taxpayer an Authorization Code they can use to approve the request. Taxpayers with a MyFTB account can sign up to receive the Authorization Code by email and text.

The taxpayer can authorize or deny the request by using 1 of the following options:

  • Go to our Allow Representative Full Online Access service on our website and enter the authorization code.
  • Log in to their MyFTB account to authorize the request (no code required).
  • Give the authorization code to their representative to complete the authorization process on their behalf.
  • Call 800-353-9032 and use our Interactive Voice Response system or speak to a customer service representative.

Important notes:

  • If the taxpayer approves the request, the tax professional will be given full online account access.
  • If the taxpayer does not approve the request, the tax professional retains limited online account access.
  • The most recent authorization or denial will override the access level for all existing TIA or POA relationship(s) between the taxpayer and the tax professional.

Manage your TIA or POA relationships

  • To manage your relationships use MyFTB or contact us.
  • It is your responsibility to notify us if you are no longer working with your representative(s).
  • To revoke TIA or POA relationship, you may use MyFTB or FTB 3520RVK (POA) or FTB 3535 (TIA).
  • If you do not want your tax professional to have any online account access to your tax information, contact us.
  • If you think you may be a victim of identity theft, there are resources and information available to assist you.