Submit a tax information authorization Tax information authorization

Submit a tax information authorization

There are 2 ways to establish a tax information authorization:

  • Online through MyFTB (tax professionals only)
  • By mail, submit a Tax Information Authorization (FTB 3534) Form | Instructions
How tax professionals can submit TIAs, by client type
Client type Tax professionals with MyFTB account Tax professionals without MyFTB account
Individuals and business entities Add a client.
  • Have your client's correct identification number
  • Have information from a tax return filed within the last 5 years
You must submit Tax Information Authorization (FTB 3534) by mail
Fiduciaries and nonresident group filers Not available You must submit Tax Information Authorization (FTB 3534) by mail

Tips for completing the TIA form

  1. Fill out the form correctly
    • We’ll only accept our TIA form (FTB 3534)
    • If married/RDP, separate forms must be submitted
    • Representatives: Provide all available identification numbers: CA CPA, CA State Bar Number, CTEC, Enrolled Agent Number, PTIN. It’s okay to leave these blank if you don’t have these numbers.
    • One representative per form
  2. Sign the form

    Be sure the taxpayer, fiduciary, or officer of the business includes all of the following:

    • Printed name
    • Title (not required for individuals)
    • Signature
    • Legible signature date

    We do NOT accept electronic or stamped signatures.

    People allowed to sign the FTB 3534 form (for businesses)

    Any officer who has the authority to bind the company may sign the TIA forms as the taxpayer.

    • President
    • Vice President
    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    • Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    If you’re signing the TIA on behalf of an individual or business entity and have attached the general/durable POA forms or other legal document, you must use one of the following formats to sign the TIA forms in order for it to be accepted:

    Individual or Fiduciary

    • John Doe, Attorney-in-Fact for Jane Doe
    • Jane Doe by John Doe, Attorney in Fact
    • Jane Doe by John Doe, Power of Attorney

    Business Entity

    • John Doe, Attorney-in-Fact for Jane Doe, CEO, XYZ Corp
    • Jane Doe, CEO, by John Doe, Attorney-in-Fact, XYZ Corp
    • Jane Doe, CEO, by John Doe, Power of Attorney, XYZ Corp

  3. Provide supporting documentation, if necessary, such as:
    • General or durable POA
    • Letter of conservatorship
    • Certificate of trustee
    • Last Will and Testament
    • Court orders
  4. Submit the form
    Through MyFTB (tax professionals only).
    From your client list, select Add Individual or Business TIA Client
    POA/TIA Unit
    Franchise Tax Board
    PO Box 2828
    Rancho Cordova CA 95741-2828
  5. After you submit

    Generally, it takes us 3 weeks to review and process TIAs. If we need more information or clarification, it may take longer.

    We’ll send a letter to the taxpayer when we approve or deny the TIA.