e-file for fiduciaries

Fiduciaries are able to e-file FTB Form 541, California Fiduciary Income Tax Return, for this year and the past 2 tax years.

Accepted forms

Forms you can e-file for fiduciary:

  • Form 541 - California Fiduciary Income Tax Return
  • Schedule D (541) - Capital Gain of Loss
  • Schedule J (541) - Trust Allocation of an Accumulation Distribution
  • Schedule K-1 (541) - Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits
  • Schedule P (541) - Alternative Minimum Tax and Credit Limitations – Fiduciaries
  • Complete list of forms you can e-file

Payment types

We currently accept the following stand-alone electronic funds withdrawal (EFW) payment types:

  • Extension payments
  • Estimate payments

Enroll in e-file

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How to e-file

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