How to e-file Tax professionals

Filing an e-file return is much like filing a paper return:

Visit Handbook for Authorized e-file Providers (FTB 1345) for more information.

Visit e-Signature Options for e-file to learn about electronic signature options.

Help with acknowledgment (ACK) files

Processing errors with individual e-file

When an error occurs in the initial processing of a return or stand-alone EFW payment, we will:

  • Reject the return
  • Provide information about the error in the ACK file
    • This information includes the error, form or schedule impacted, and number of times the error happened (for multi-page forms and schedules)

Common errors with Individual e-file

Business Rule Description Tips to fix error
Electronic Signature (PIN) Taxpayer's Prior Year AGI does not match FTB records. Double check the Taxpayer's Prior Year AGI from last year's CA tax return or sign the e-file return using form FTB 8453/8453-OL.
Taxpayer SSN or Spouse SSN has been previously used on an e-filed return. To avoid sending duplicate returns, do not retransmit an accepted California return when retransmitting a corrected federal return.
F540-960 The Taxpayer claimed an amount for Individual Shared Responsibility Penalty on Form 540, Line 92 but did not attach the Form 3853. Attach the completed Form 3853 in XML.

If you're unable to resolve the error, please contact your software provider for assistance.

Missing ACK files

  • Contact your transmitter for assistance
  • If you transmit directly to FTB, contact us