Forms you can e‑file for fiduciary

The following table lists the acceptable Fiduciary forms and schedules for tax year 2023 that may be e‑filed with FTB and the maximum number of each type of form or schedule allowed per return.

Form/Schedules Max. # per return Title
Form 541 1 California Fiduciary Income Tax Return
Form 592-B Unbounded Resident and Nonresident Withholding Tax Statement
Form 593 Unbounded Real Estate Withholding Statement
Form 3461 1 California Limitation on Business Losses
Form 3503 Unbounded Natural Heritage Preservation Credit
Form 3507 Unbounded Prison Inmate Labor Credit
Form 3510 1 Credit for Prior Year Alternative Minimum Tax
Form 3521 1 Low-Income Housing Credit
Form 3523 1 Research Credit
Form 3526 1 Investment Interest Expense Deduction
Form 3531 Unbounded California Competes Tax Credit
Form 3540 1 Credit Carryover and Recapture Summary
Form 3541 Unbounded California Motion Picture and Television Production Credit
Form 3546 1 Enhanced Oil Recovery Credit
Form 3547 1 Donated Agricultural Products Transportation Credit
Form 3548 Unbounded Disabled Access Credit for Eligible Small Businesses
Form 3554 Unbounded New Employment Credit
Form 3592 Unbounded College Access Tax Credit
Form 3801 1 Passive Activity Loss Limitations
Form 3801-CR 1 Passive Activity Credit Limitations
Form 3804-CR Unbounded Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax Credit
Form 3805-E Unbounded Installment Sale Income
Form 3805-V 1 Net Operating Loss (NOL) Computation and NOL and Disaster Loss Limitations
Form 3805-Z Unbounded Enterprise Zone Deduction and Credit Summary
Form 3807 Unbounded Local Agency Military Base Recovery Area Deduction and Credit Summary
Form 3808 Unbounded Manufacturing Enhancement Area Credit Summary
Form 3809 Unbounded Targeted Tax Area Deduction and Credit Summary
Form 3814 1 New Donated Fresh Fruits or Vegetables Credit
Form 3820 Unbounded High-Road Cannabis Tax Credit
Form 3821 Unbounded Cannabis Equity Tax Credit
Form 3831 Unbounded Homeless Hiring Tax Credit
Form 3835 Unbounded State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
Form 3840 Unbounded California Like-Kind Exchanges
Form 3885-F Unbounded Depreciation and Amortization
Form 4197 Unbounded Information on Tax Expenditure Items
Form 5805 1 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals and Fiduciaries
Form 5805-F 1 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Farmers and Fishermen
Form 5806 Unbounded Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations
Form 5870-A 1 Tax on Accumulation Distribution of Trusts
Schedule D (541) 1 Capital Gain or Loss
Schedule D-1 1 Sales of Business Property
Schedule G-1 Unbounded Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions
Schedule J (541) 1 Trust Allocation of an Accumulation Distribution
Schedule K-1 (541) Unbounded Beneficiary’s Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc.
Schedule P (541) 1 Alternative Minimum Tax and Credit Limitations - Fiduciaries
Schedule S (541) Unbounded Other State Tax Credit
Form W-2 Unbounded Wage and Tax Statement