Electronic funds withdrawal EFW


Electronic funds withdrawal (EFW) allows you to make a tax payment from your checking or savings account when you file electronically (e-file).
To use EFW, you must file through either:

  • Tax preparation software
  • A tax professional

Visit File online for a list of tax preparation software or to find an authorized e-file provider.

To avoid penalties and interest, schedule your payment before the payment due date.

What you can pay with EFW

  • Pay tax return balances when you e-file
  • Make a stand-alone payment after you e-file
  • Pay estimated and extension tax

Stand-alone EFW payments

If you want to make a payment separately from your e-filed return, you can submit a “stand-alone” payment. The following payment types are available:

  • Individual and fiduciary
    • Estimate
    • Extension
  • Corporations
    • Estimate
    • Extension
    • Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax (100S only)
  • Exempt Organization
    • Extension
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
    • Annual tax
    • Estimated LLC fee
    • Extension
    • Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax
  • Partnerships
    • Extension
    • Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax

What you need to use EFW

You will need the following information:

  • Banking information
    • Routing number
    • Checking or savings account number
  • Payment or withdrawal amount
  • Date you want the funds to be automatically withdrawn

How to use EFW

When you (or your tax professional) complete your tax return:

  1. Choose EFW to make your tax return payment or schedule your estimated tax payments for the next tax year
  2. Provide your banking information when prompted; the amount you want to pay, and the date you want the amount to be withdrawn
    1. The system creates an electronic debit request and sends it to your bank account for processing on the designated payment date
    2. We will withdraw that amount on the date you selected
      1. Exception: if the debit date is a non-banking day, such as a weekend or holiday, the amount will be withdrawn on the first business day following the non-banking day

You cannot change banking information, the EFW amount, or the requested debit date once we accept your request.

EFW error tables

If... Then...
We find the error and reject your e-file return or stand-alone EFW payment You or your tax professional must:
  1. Correct the error that caused the rejection and any other errors you noticed after transmitting
  2. Retransmit the corrected return or stand-alone EFW payment
You find an error after we accepted your e-file return Correct the error by e-filing an amended return.
Visit Amend an income tax return for forms, instructions and additional information about filing an amended return.
You find an error after we accepted your stand-alone EFW payment You may cancel the payment by calling our e-Programs customer service at 916-845-0353, at least 2 working days before the scheduled date of withdrawal.