Report an issue

Big picture problems

If you know of a tax problem that affects multiple taxpayers, the following information is provided to help you report a systemic issue.

Know of a tax problem that affects more than one taxpayer?

You can help the Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Office (TRAO) tackle the “big-picture” problems in our procedures by reporting them to us.

These “big-picture” problems are referred to as systemic issues and they:

  • Always affect multiple taxpayers
  • Involve FTB systems, policies, and procedures
  • Protect taxpayer rights, reduce burden, ensure equitable treatment, or provide essential taxpayer services
  • Don’t apply to just one taxpayer
    • But, if you need assistance with an unresolved FTB problem on a single tax return, TRAO may be able to help. Visit our taxpayer advocate services for more information.

How can you report one of these issues?

You can report an issue using the online form which will ask you to identify the topic category from a dropdown menu, and briefly describe it, limited to 2,000 characters. You are also asked to provide an email address and some other details.

Your email address is required so we may contact you to clarify the systemic issue, if necessary. Your email address will not be shared, sold, or used for any purpose except as required by law.

Please do not include a social security number or other personal taxpayer information.

Thank you

By reporting a systemic issue, you allow us to work with FTB program areas to analyze the root causes of the systemic issue and recommend, develop, and implement solutions so we can improve the services we provide to California taxpayers and tax professionals.