Systemic issues

Know of a tax problem that affects more than one taxpayer?

Help us tackle the "big-picture" problems in our procedures by reporting them to us.

A systemic issue:

  • Always affects multiple taxpayers, not individuals
  • Involves FTB systems, policies, and procedures
  • Protects taxpayer rights, reduces burden, ensures equitable treatment, or provides essential taxpayer services

How we resolve systemic issues

If we determine your submission to be systemic, we will work diligently with the appropriate FTB business areas to resolve. However, we do not respond to all submissions. If you have an account inquiry that has not been resolved through the normal channels, visit Unresolved Account Inquiries. If you have an immediate need such as an economic hardship, lien, or levy, please visit Help with liens.

Review the following resources before reporting your systemic issue

Other State Agencies

Visit the following state agencies for assistance with:

Report a systemic issue

By reporting a systemic issue, you allow us to work with FTB program areas to analyze the root causes of the systemic issue and recommend, develop, and implement solutions so we can improve the services we provide to California taxpayers and tax professionals.