Disagree or resolve an issue

We interact with millions of people. Sometimes, you may disagree with us about something or can’t resolve an issue.

Disagree with a decision

We contact people for many reasons (correct their tax return, pay a bill, audits). This is the process if you do not agree with a decision and what to do next.

1. You disagree with a letter from us

We may send you a letter in the mail. If you disagree, gather supporting information/documents and contact us.

If your documents provide enough proof, we’ll make corrections and contact you.

2. If the information you provided is not enough

If you agree with our decision, follow the instructions on the letter.

If you disagree with this decision, you should:

  • Make a payment for the full amount to avoid penalties, fees, or interest (if you owe money).
  • File a Claim for Refund.

3. If we deny your claim for refund

If you disagree with our denial of your claim for refund, you can submit an appeal.

Unresolved issues

We are here to ensure your tax problems are handled promptly and fairly. If you’ve tried to resolve an ongoing issue or feel like your rights as a taxpayer have been violated, contact taxpayer advocate services.