e-Signature options for e-file


We accept electronic signatures for Individual e-filed returns and stand-alone electronic funds withdrawal (EFW) payment requests.

Signature responsibilities chart

This chart explains the taxpayer's and electronic return originator’s (ERO) responsibilities when using each of the signature options.

Options Taxpayer must: ERO must: Notes
Practitioner PIN Review and sign California e-file Signature Authorization for Individuals (FTB 8879) or California Electronic Funds Withdrawal Payment Signature Authorization for Individuals and Fiduciaries (FTB 8879 (PMT)) Shared secret (prior year California AGI) is generally not required
Self-Select PIN
  • Enter his or her PIN on your computer
  • Provide his or her shared secret (prior-year California AGI)
  • Allow the taxpayer access to your computer
  • Enter your ERO PIN
No paper forms required
FTB 8453 Review, sign, and retain California e-file Return Authorization for Individuals (FTB 8453) or California Payment for Automatic Extension and Estimate Payment Authorization for Individuals (FTB 8453 (PMT)) Review, sign, and retain FTB 8453 or FTB 8453 (PMT) No shared secret, FTB 8879, or FTB 8879 (PMT) required