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Submit new accounts

Approved? We can start collecting money owed to you.

Before you send us an account

You must send a Pre-Intercept Notice to individuals who have not paid. To ensure due process, the notice must tell the individuals:

  • The related Government Code Sections
  • They have 30 days to resolve or dispute their debts, before you submit their debts to us
  • Your agency’s contact information for questions or to dispute their debt

Review a sample pre-intercept notice that meets all requirements.

When to send a pre-intercept notice:

  • When a new debt occurs
  • Every October to all individuals with a balance

Submit an account

You’ll send accounts through a secure web transfer. Information we need for each account includes:

  • Name
  • Social Security number
  • Amount owed
  • Agency account number

If you do not include a Social Security number, we’ll reject that account.

To set up an account, review Exchange Files through Secure Web Internet File Transfer.
Contact Interagency Intercept Collections staff for the file template and if you have questions.

Change, correct, or close existing accounts

Like submitting a new account, you’ll send updates through a secure web transfer.
Common updates:

  • Update balance owed
  • Close account (balance paid off)
  • Corrections

Contact Interagency Intercept Collections staff if you have questions.

Submit your annual updates

Every year, you must update and resubmit all of your accounts by December 1.

Once you submit your annual updates, you cannot make changes until the first week of January. We complete the following actions during our annual process:

  • Remove all debts the last week in December
  • Process your accounts for the upcoming calendar year the first week in January
  • Send you a list of accounts received and rejected