Apply Interagency intercept

Send the Initial Request to Participate (FTB 2282) to the State Controller.

(916) 327-2563
Office of the State Controller
Division of Accounting and Reporting
Tax Administration Section
ATTN: Offset Coordinator
PO Box 942850
Sacramento CA 94250-5880

After you’re approved

Once approved by the State Controller, send these to us by fax or mail:

You’ll receive a letter from us with your agency code(s) (usually in a month).

Intent to Participate

If you have Social Security numbers for your accounts:

If you don’t have Social Security numbers, we’re conducting a pilot where we look up accounts using other information:

  1. Contact us to participate
  2. Then, fill out the 2019 Identification Search (FTB 2280A) or 2020 FTB 2280A if you plan to start next year.

Send in both the FTB 2280 and the FTB 2280A if you have some accounts with Social Security numbers, and others without.