Help with interagency intercept

If you received an Intercept Funds Notice

Did you have your money taken? If you owe money to a government agency, that agency partners with us (Franchise Tax Board) to collect it. We will:

  • Redirect your money
  • Pay the agency you owe
  • Send you a letter about it (Intercept Funds Notice)

We redirect your money from:

  • Tax refund
  • Lottery winnings
  • Unclaimed property

These agencies can include city and county governments, schools, and other state agencies.

Questions or issues

  • If we only redirected part of your refund, we’ll mail you a check for the rest.
  • If you already paid the agency, that agency will pay you back. Allow up to 6 months for agency processing.
  • If you want to know why we can do this, review the intercept program authority.

If you still have questions or do not think you owe this debt:

Contact the agency on your Intercept Funds Notice (we do not have account details).

Contact Interagency Intercept Collections staff

(866) 563-2375
(916) 845-5344
(916) 843-2460
Interagency Intercept Collection Program MS A116
Franchise Tax Board
PO Box 2966
Rancho Cordova CA 95741-2966