Features MyFTB

MyFTB gives individuals, business representatives, and tax professionals online access to tax account information and online services.


  • View account balance and tax year or account period details
  • View estimated payments and credits before filing a return
  • View payment history
  • View a list and images of tax returns
  • View a list and images of notices and correspondence
  • View and update contact information
  • View and protest proposed assessments
  • View a list of authorized representatives and manage who can access your account
  • View a list of activities that occurred on your account, such as the last time you or your authorized representative accessed your account
  • Calculate a balance due for a date in the future
  • File a power of attorney (POA)
  • File a nonresident withholding waiver request
  • Chat with a customer service representative about confidential matters
  • Send a secure message with attachments to us
  • Choose to receive an email when we send you a notice or correspondence

Additional features


  • View California wage and withholding information
  • View FTB-issued 1099 information
  • Respond to a proposed assessment to request a 30-day deferral to file a tax return
  • Request an Individual Status Letter for the current tax year
  • View FTB hearing information and upload documents
  • View and protest proposed adjustments to carryover amount
  • Access CalFile and Web Pay

Business representatives

  • Verify the exact entity name before filing a return
  • Represent additional businesses
  • View a list of business representatives that can access the business’s account and manage who can access the account
  • Access Web Pay

Tax professionals

  • Manage your professional contact information
  • Maintain a list of Tax Information Authorization (TIA) and POA clients
  • Maintain a list of tax professional associates
  • Update multiple POA declarations at the same time
  • Access online services

Access to client tax account information is based on your relationship and online permission level. Visit Tax professional online account access.