College access tax credit Credit code 235


You may be able to claim this credit if you contribute to the California Access Tax Credit (CATC) Fund. This fund helps provide financial aid to low-income college students.

You will receive a tax credit of 50% of your contribution. This credit is available until tax year 2027.

How to apply

You must apply and donate through the California Educational Facilities Authority (CEFA).

  1. Fill out and submit the Tax Credit Application Form
  2. CEFA will send you a letter granting a tax credit
  3. Make the payment to CEFA by the due date given in the letter
  4. CEFA will send you a College Access Tax Credit Certification

How to claim

  1. File your income tax return
  2. Enter your certification number on College Access Tax Credit (FTB 3592), and attach it to your return
  3. This credit can reduce tax below tentative minimum tax
  4. Any charitable contribution deduction taken on your federal return must be added back as an adjustment on your state return
  5. Any unused credit may be carried over for up to 6 years