Payment tips July 2021 Tax News

Due to the extension of the initial filing deadline this year, many of our return notices that are usually mailed in late May, are scheduled for mailing this month. As in other years, we want to provide information about the self-service payment options FTB has available to you and your clients.

Whether you need to assist your client in making a payment, delaying a bill, or setting up a payment plan, we have a self-service option available. These self-service options are quick, easy and secure.

FTB accepts payments online or through our mobile application with our Web Pay service. There is no charge when a bank account is used for a payment. The Mobile App can be downloaded from the Apple Mobile App store or Google Play. Many taxpayers file their taxes online but pay by mail (make sure they use the correct voucher). Better yet, suggest Web Pay. This online and mobile service is secure, fast, and convenient. There’s no requirement to register and payments can be scheduled up to a year in advance. Your client can also make a payment with a major credit card for a fee.

We understand that unexpected events occur and can make it difficult to pay state income taxes on time. Here are additional self-service options to help your clients.

Your client can request a one-time 30-day bill payment delay online through their registered MyFTB account. The online system will verify eligibility up front.

If your client cannot pay in full, a payment plan may be available. If they owe less than $25,000, and can pay the entire balance due within 60 months, they may qualify to pay in installments. To learn more and apply:

If a client is currently paying their California personal income taxes on an installment plan and they need to skip a payment, eligible taxpayers can make a request through their registered MyFTB account:

For more information go to our website,, and search: Payment Options.