e-file for software developers

How to participate

To participate in the California e-file Program as a software developer, you must:

  • Apply for the IRS Electronic Filing (e-file) Program. We'll receive your account information within 2 weeks after the IRS accepts you into their program
  • Have an approved IRS electronic filer identification number (EFIN) and electronic transmitter identification number (ETIN)
  • Update any information changes with the IRS. We'll automatically receive any updates you make to your IRS account
  • Pass a suitability check
  • Complete a CA Letter of Intent (LOI) to receive access to electronic filing technical and testing specifications for the CA e-file Program

For more information on how to participate in the California e-file Program, contact us.

Important Information

Software developers must pass CA e-file program’s Participants Acceptance testing system (PATS) yearly. For more information on PATS, refer to the FTB Pub. 1436X, Test Package for California e-file Program.

Valid XML schemas

e-file known issues, solutions, and FAQs

The e-file known issues, solutions, and FAQs page contains workaround solutions and FAQs for e-file returns available this tax year and past two years.

Accepted forms

List of forms we accept by e-file:

Memorandum of agreement (MOA)

As a commercial vendor, you may request a presence on our website. If approved, we'll provide a hyperlink to your service.

MOA Program Coordinator


Scheduled system maintenance

5 AM to 7 AM (PT)

If you get a transmission error during this time, please try again after 7 AM.

We'll email you if our system is down (outside scheduled maintenance) for longer than 1 hour.