Help Minimum Essential Coverage Information Reporting (MEC IR)

The MEC IR system went live on October 5, 2020. As we work with stakeholders and discover issues, we will update this page with information. If you encounter a systemic issue that is not listed here, contact our MEC FX Portal Help Desk.

Known issues

Submission Rejection Status

  • There is a mix of Accepted and Rejected records in the submission
    • Individual Accepted records were processed
    • You must resubmit the Rejected records
  • Submission should have been Accepted as long as there were no submission-level Reject and Stop errors

Transmissions Stuck in Processing Status

  • When the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is in all caps transmission will get stuck
    • Make sure to use lowercase characters in your UUID
  • Resubmit your transmission with a new, unique UUID in lowercase characters

Rule T0000-030

Issue resolved: We corrected the issue that was erroneously triggering an error message referencing an undocumented business rule, T0000-030, when the schema version was not included in the form data file portion of the transmission.

Common errors

Data rejected

Your data may be rejected for a number of reasons. Refer to the Technical specifications page for more information on how to fix your data.

You’ll need to resubmit any rejected transmissions.

When resubmitting a rejected transmission, make sure a new Unique Transmission Identifier (UTID) is generated for the resubmission. Each transmission to the FX System must include a new UTID.

Signature issues

Your transmissions may be rejected if you do not use the AWS signature version 4 algorithm. Refer to Section Signature Verification in Technical specifications (part 1) for more information.

Hyphenated Names

FTB does not accept hyphens in name fields, use space instead. We do not conform to the IRS format.

  • For example, “Jane Doe-Smith” should be “Jane Doe Smith”

Testing issues

If you submitted your test transmission and have not received your production CA-TCC within 5 days, contact our MEC FX Portal Help Desk.

Security breach

In FX Portal, deactivate your keys and request new keys. Contact our MEC FX Portal Help Desk if you need help.

Contact us

Account registration issues - E-Services Help Desk

We have a help desk for account issues such as:

  • Registration
  • Logging in
  • Your account (resetting password, updating email address, etc)

916-845-2829 (outside the US)
Weekdays, 8 AM to 5 PM, closed on state holidays

MEC FX Portal Help Desk

We have a separate help desk for electronic filing issues, such as:

  • MEC IR enrollment issues
  • Transmission issues
  • Rejected transmissions, submissions, and records
  • Business rules and error code resolution
  • Updating authorized users and responsible officials