Getting started Minimum Essential Coverage Information Reporting (MEC IR)

To participate in the Minimum Essential Coverage Information Reporting Program (MEC IR) electronically you will need to:

  • Register online
  • Enroll in the MEC IR Program
  • Start submitting MEC information (includes a test cycle)

Before you start

A Responsible Official (RO) must complete the registration for your organization.

An RO is typically the person within your organization who will be responsible for and have the authority over filing your MEC Information Returns. They could be a:

  • General Partner
  • Manager or Member (LLCs)
  • Owner
  • President or Vice-President
  • Shareholder (S-Corp)
  • Tax Matters Partner (LLPs)

Only one registration per organization is required. Typically, only one RO per organization will register for an MEC IR account. Additional ROs can be included on the enrollment form.

During registration

During registration, the RO will need to provide their:

  • Work email address
  • Home address
  • Personal phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number

We will use this information to verify the RO’s identity, and that they have the authority to represent your organization. This information is only accessible by FTB staff.

The RO will need to share the following with the other Authorized Users who access the e-Services Account:

  • User name
  • Password
  • Answers for the security question

Keep this in mind when you register.

1. Register

You may not use an existing MyFTB account to access MEC FX Portal.

2. Enroll in the MEC IR Program

Before you can submit data, the RO must enroll to participate:

  • Log in to MEC FX Portal.
  • Select Begin or Continue Enrollment Request and complete the enrollment process.

You may include additional ROs on your enrollment request.

During enrollment, you will provide:

  • Business information
  • Authorized users information
  • How you want to transmit data to us
    • A2A (application to application)
    • Through the MEC FX Portal

3. Confirm enrollment

After you submit your enrollment, we will send you a confirmation email. Once you confirm we have received your request wait for your enrollment approval. Typically, it takes up to 10 business days to approve your enrollment.

RO and authorized users

The RO is responsible for sharing the account information with the other authorized users. They will need to provide the following:

  • User name
  • Password
  • Answers for security questions

We require at least one RO to be active on the MEC enrollment at all times. If you need to replace an RO, you must submit the new official’s information for approval before you can remove the current one.

4. Complete a testing cycle

We will assign participation keys and codes after we approve your enrollment. You’ll first have to successfully complete a testing cycle before you can transmit production data. Refer to the Testing Specifications for details on how to complete a testing cycle. Additionally, visit Transmit data for more information on the basic transmission process.

5. Start submitting MEC information

Once you have successfully completed your testing cycle, we will assign your Production California Transmitter Control Code (CA-TCC) that will be used for transmitting your Production MEC information. Remember that your transmissions must be in an "Accepted" status prior to the filing deadline to be considered filed timely.