A reminder to have your clients sign up for a MyFTB accountJuly 2021 Tax News

We want to remind you and your clients about the importance and convenience of signing up for a MyFTB account. This is a great time to suggest to your clients that they create an account with us and take advantage of the many benefits and features available in MyFTB.

Benefits to you and your clients include online access to their tax returns, replying to correspondence, and viewing up-to-date account information. The ability to view current balances, make secure electronic payments, to see if returns were processed, and the status of a refund are all helpful tools that are available with MyFTB.

If you or your clients have a question about their FTB account, either of you can securely chat with our helpful customer service representatives. This is an important feature because MyFTB secure chats are often answered sooner than a phone call.

Visit MyFTB Features for more information about MyFTB.