Website content retention January 2021 Tax News

Here’s a list of items we provide on our website, how long they're available, and how often they are updated.

List of content

Item Web retention period How often updated
Assembly/Senate Bills analysis Current session plus two prior sessions Ongoing
Chief Counsel Rulings All years When published
Exempt Organizations list Current exempt organizations; list replaced when updated Monthly
Final regulations One year after effective date As regulations are finalized
Franchise Tax Board Meetings Current plus two years Before and after each board meeting
FTB Notices All years When published
Interested Parties Current plus two years When published
Legal Rulings All years When published
Litigation roster Active cases and cases closed within the last 2 years When published
News Releases Current plus one year When published
Public Service Bulletins Current plus one year When published
Regulatory activity (active) All proposed regulations currently in the regulatory process; list replaced when updated When there is new regulatory activity
Revoked Exempt Organizations list List replaced when updated Monthly
Tax News Current plus four years Monthly
Top 500 Delinquent Taxpayers list List replaced when updated Ongoing, with major updates twice a year


Every year, we review the number of visits our files receive on our website. We evaluate items that don’t meet a certain threshold. Unless legally required to be posted, infrequently visited files may be removed from the website to make sure our website remains:

  • Relevant
  • Accessible
  • Easy to search