FTB’s Website has tools to assist you April 2021 Tax News

In an effort to save you time, we have compiled a series of links to information that may be helpful to you as we approach the initial filing deadline. While ftb.ca.gov has a significant amount of information, you may be searching for one of our more frequently used tools.

Wait times – This dashboard provides current wait times for our contact centers including the Tax Practitioner Hotline and MyFTB Secure Chat.

Chat – Use MyFTB to securely chat with us about your client’s account. However, if you don’t have MyFTB, we can still help you on general chat with our forms, website, and non-confidential tax questions.

Electronic Payments or Web Pay – available for individual and business entity payments. Web Pay is easy, fast and free and fulfils the requirement if your client is subject to mandatory e-pay.

California Tax Forms and Related Federal Forms (FTB Pub 1006) - Provides:

  • A list of FTB forms and schedules and their federal counterparts
  • The ability to cross-reference forms starting with either a California or federal form/schedule number
  • Whether a federal form may be used for California purposes
  • Forms used by individuals and business entities

Information Directory (FTB 1240)– Provides general and direct contact numbers for specialists who can help you, including several dedicated telephone lines for specialty assistance such as the lien desk, FTB’s Offer in Compromise group, and Withholding Services, just to name a few. Please note that specialty areas cannot provide general assistance or account information unrelated to their core function(s).