Establishing and renewing TIA and POA relationships

Protecting the privacy and security of data entrusted to us is one of our paramount foundational principles. As we commence the 2023 filing season, we encourage our tax professional partners to prudently establish or renew their Tax Information Authorization (TIA) or Power of Attorney (POA) relationships with their clients.

A TIA or POA relationship authorizes a representative to receive information such as:

  • Estimated tax payments
  • Notices (letters)
  • Account status and history

Our call center staff may only provide limited information without an established TIA or POA relationship. While we regret this may cause an inconvenience, establishing a TIA or POA is necessary to safeguard your client’s confidential tax information.

If you contact us without a valid TIA or POA on file, please be prepared with your client’s account information and current tax records so we may verify you are authorized to receive limited information.

For expedited processing, a TIA, or POA may be submitted through MyFTB. For more information see Power of Attorney or Tax information authorization.

With a valid POA or TIA, your client may grant you full online account access. With full online account access, you may retrieve your client’s account information at your convenience 24/7. For more information see Tax Professional Online Account Access |