Help with withholding

Resident, Nonresident, and Real Estate Withholding- 1023 validation tool

Use our validation tool to test if a batch file you have prepared for upload is in the correct format.

The validation tool pinpoints if any part of the file is incorrect saving you time looking for errors.

This tool is not designed to determine whether or not we will accept or reject a specific file. That determination can only be made at the time a file is received and processed.

New users

Ensure you have read the Resident, Nonresident, and Real Estate Withholding Validator Instructions (Pub 923) and that you have the required software on your computer (.Net 2.0 framework).

  • Access the 1023 validation tool and save to the same location as your test files
  • You will need to unzip the file
  • Run the Swift1023xValidator.exe file
  • You will have successfully installed the application

Existing users

Download the latest version of the 1023 validation tool and overwrite the existing version when prompted.

If you find errors

  • Errors must be corrected prior to submitting the files to us
  • You can make corrections to your file within the validator
  • Resave the corrected file to your CSV file
  • Transmit the corrected file through SWIFT

Publications and Instructions

Review the following instructions and publications for electronic submissions for Resident, Nonresident, and Real Estate Withholding: