eGarnishment program

The eGarnishment program will be available January 2025.

What is eGarnishment?

The Electronic Wage Garnishment Program (eGarnishment) is a voluntary program that allows Franchise Tax Board to electronically serve garnishments and withholding orders to participating employers or their payroll service providers (PSP). This program is currently available for electronic service of earnings withholding orders for taxes (EWOT) for Personal Income Tax. The program will eventually be expanded to electronically serve earnings withholding orders (EWO) for Court-Ordered Debt and Vehicle Registration Collections.

eGarnishment streamlines the wage garnishment process for the FTB and the employer or the employer's PSP.


The program is available only for entities who are operating in California and have an active registered account with the Employment Development Department (EDD).

We will work with the participating employer or their PSP to implement the electronic transmission process. The time to implement the program may vary by employer and PSP.

Enroll in the eGarnishment program

More information on the enrollment process will be available January 2025.

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