My Court-Ordered Debt (COD) Account - General Information


This service allows you to:

  • View your total current balance due.
  • View a balance due summary for each active case.
  • View the last 25 payments applied to a balance due.
  • Complete an Installment Agreement request.
  • Make a payment online (Web Pay or credit card).

Before you select a payment option, read this important information: If your driver license is suspended or revoked and you are making a payment for its release, you must pay the Amount Due with guaranteed funds. Guaranteed funds are money orders/cashier’s checks sent by USPS Overnight Mail and Western Union Payments. Web payments and credit card payments are not considered guaranteed funds. Allow a minimum of four to six weeks for the court or agency to receive your payment. If you need assistance, call a COD representative at 916.845.4064.

You will need the following to complete your request:

  • Your COD account number.
  • Your last name.

Time limit

After 20 minutes of inactivity on a page, your session will time out and the system will automatically log you out. Before your session times out, you will receive a two-minute logout warning and instructions on how to continue your session. If your session times out, you will need to login again.

Other Information

  • To ensure the security of your information, be sure to use the Logout tab to exit this application.
  • For information about your COD account, or to request changes to your COD account, contact us at 916.845.4064.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Before you begin, make sure you are using a compatible browser and operating system. We recommend that you log out and close your browser when you are done to ensure the highest level of security.