Text messaging

When will FTB send a text message?

FTB will only send a text message for the reasons described below. FTB does not send text messages asking for personal or financial information or account numbers.

One-time texts:

  • If you call FTB’s Liens Program Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 916-845-4350 and select the option to receive a text, the text will provide a link to ftb.ca.gov and instructions on how to pay:

    Here's the link you requested to make a CA tax payment online ftb.ca.gov. Select "Make a payment." DELETE if you did not request.

  • You can receive a text confirmation number for your payment plan agreement by calling FTB's IVR at 800-689-4776 or 916-845-7044.
  • If you schedule an appointment to visit an FTB Field Office, you will receive a confirmation text message along with additional updates as your appointment nears.

Ongoing texts:

If you have a MyFTB account, you can update your profile to receive text message alerts from FTB when one of the following activities occur on your account:

  • A new notice or document is available online in your MyFTB account.
  • We have approved a new Tax Information Authorization (TIA) relationship or approved your tax professional’s request to renew the TIA.
  • A tax professional has submitted a Power of Attorney (POA) declaration that you need to approve or reject.
  • A tax professional with a TIA or POA relationship with you has requested full access to your MyFTB online account that you need to authorize or deny.
  • Your contact preferences were updated online to add, change or remove SMS text notifications.

You and your tax professional POA representative(s) can manage the text message notifications through MyFTB. You can choose to receive text messages, change which number we send them to, or stop receiving text messages.

Read and review all of our Terms and conditions.

What to do if you didn't request a text?

If you did not request a text, do not respond or click on any links. Visit our Scams page to report it.