Request a bulk sale certificate


During a bulk sale, you may request a bulk sale certificate. A bulk sale certificate releases a business’s withholding tax liability.

If there is no withholding tax owed, we will issue the certificate to your escrow company, on your behalf.

How to request a certificate

You must submit a written request to receive a Bulk Sale Certificate. Send your request to:

(916) 845-9034
State of California
Withholding Services and Compliance
Franchise Tax Board MS F182
PO Box 942867
Sacramento CA 94267-0651

For details on what to send in your request, download FTB Publication 8702.

If we issue a certificate

We certify that the seller (or payer) does not owe any withholding:

  • Taxes
  • Interest
  • Penalties

We also release the buyer from further withholding liability.

The Bulk Sale Certificate only applies to withholding taxes and does not apply to other tax liabilities that you may owe.

For more information, download FTB Publication 8702.

If you’re transferring your liquor license

Visit our liquor license transfer page.

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