Help with CalFile

Error message

If you did not see a confirmation number, we may not have received your return and it may not have been filed.

Log in to MyFTB and select CalFile. If you can begin or continue your return, it has not been filed. If you can only view your return, it has been successfully filed.

Get a copy of your return

Log in to MyFTB and select CalFile. You can view, save, or print your return.

Made a mistake on your CalFile return

You will need to file an amended tax return if you need to change:

  • Your filing status
  • Income
  • Credits
  • Tax amounts
  • Payments

Forms you must file:


You cannot use CalFile to correct your return.

All other changes, call us.

Cancel your payment you scheduled in CalFile

To cancel your payment, you must call our e-file help desk at least 2 business days before the payment date.

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