Report health insurance information Minimum Essential Coverage Information Reporting (MEC IR)

Insurance providers are required to report health coverage information to us annually by March 31 or face a penalty. Employers are similarly required to report insurance information to us by March 31, but only if their insurance providers do not report to FTB. This requirement comes from the Individual Shared Responsibility Penalty that was enacted at the same time as the health care mandate. The penalty for not reporting is $50 per individual who was provided health coverage.

For information on reporting instructions, review Publications on Technical specifications.

Important dates

Item Date
Start accepting MEC IR registration/enrollment October 5, 2020
Start accepting test files October 5, 2020
Start accepting production files January 4, 2021
2020 MEC Information Returns due date March 31, 2021

How to file

You can submit information electronically or by paper.

Report electronically

You can submit MEC IRs electronically through the File Exchange (FX) Portal and application to application (A2A). Visit Getting started for more information.

1. Register for an e-Services Account

A Responsible Official completes the registration on behalf of the organization.


2. Enroll to participate

Log into MEC FX Portal and submit your MEC IR enrollment form online.

We will review your enrollment.

3. Participate

Log into MEC FX Portal to obtain your MEC participation credentials.

You can also manage your enrollment, transmit data, and get acknowledgements.

Report by mail

You can send MEC IRs to us by mail. Review our California Instructions for Filing Federal Forms publications for more information.