Having difficulty submitting a BE POA in MyFTB? September 2020 Tax News

We have a known issue in MyFTB that occurs when tax professionals attempt to submit a power of attorney (POA) for a business entity (BE) that has more than one tax identification (ID) number. When a tax professional attempts to submit a POA through the MyFTB POA Wizard and enters more than one ID number for the BE client, e.g., a California corporation number and federal employer identification number (FEIN), the tax professional receives an error message.

To avoid this issue, enter only the primary ID, e.g., California corporation number at this time. This only affects the information submitted through MyFTB. We will not reject a POA declaration if the uploaded signed copy of the POA shows an additional ID number for the business.

We have alerted our call center about this so they can assist tax professionals experiencing this issue. This defect will be corrected by September 30, 2020.