Can’t pay a tax bill? March 2020 Tax News

The majority of the early tax returns are filed for refunds. However, as tax season moves into the later months, more and more returns are filed with a balance due.

What if your client cannot pay the balance due with their return?

We understand unexpected events can make it hard to pay state income taxes on time. And that is why one of our payment options is to create a payment plan. However, this cannot occur until a liability has been established. In other words, a return must be filed, processed, and a bill must be sent out. As a result it will take several weeks after the return has been filed for your client to receive a bill.

In the meantime we recommend that taxpayers pay whatever they can to reduce the tax liability at the time the return is filed. And, continue to make payments on account until the bill arrives. This will reduce any penalties and interest that may accrue until the balance is paid in full. Please see our secure online Payment Options available to you and your clients at

Once the bill has been received, your client may qualify for a payment plan if:

  • The balance due is less than $25,000
  • The entire balance due can be paid in 60 months or less

To learn more about payment plans and to apply for a payment plan:

Also, individuals may apply online for a payment plan if they meet certain additional requirements.

Finally, if your client does not meet the criteria for a payment plan as described above, please call our agents for assistance. They will help you with the more complex payment situations.

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