We are still here for outreach events June 2020 Tax News

We are taking a new approach to continue our outreach events. All of our education and outreach in-person seminars have been cancelled until further notice due to COVID–19 and the requirements for social distancing. However, even though we can’t travel, we are still here and available to do presentations in a virtual way.

You can submit a request for your group/organization through Education and Outreach at EducationandOutreach@ftb.ca.gov and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Organization
  • Event’s organizer, name, date, location and address, time, and speaker’s time
  • Requested topic(s)
  • Number of attendees
  • Materials/biography deadlines
  • Special requirements

We can provide various virtual presentations depending on the audience, including California tax updates. For business owners, our Small Business Liaison can provide virtual presentation/information on the filing requirements for the common forms of ownership.

We also have the Small Business Liaison phone line (916-845-4669) that you can refer your clients to for information about starting a small business and their filing requirements, based on their ownership or proposed ownership type. The liaison can also refer business owners and taxpayers to the appropriate program areas within FTB and to the other state or federal agencies to answer their questions, if needed.

Another critical element in our education and outreach efforts are the various media sources we use to communicate important information to you. As you know, Tax News is our monthly online publication designed to inform tax professionals about state income tax laws; our regulations, policies, and procedures; and events that affect the tax professional community. We periodically send Tax News Flashes to quickly notify subscribers of urgent, time-sensitive information. We offer Tax News Live videos and have a presence on both Facebook and Twitter where we share tax-related information.