2021 Filing Season Update July 2021 Tax News

Now that the initial filing deadline has passed, we wanted to provide an update on some key statistics for the first part of the 2021 filing season. Both the IRS and FTB had an extended filing season this year with the initial due date for returns and payments postponed to May 17, 2021. 

While the processing and validation of all returns and payments continues, as of mid-June 2021, the year-to-date filing season highlights are as follows:

  • Personal Income Tax (PIT) returns filed totaled 17.8 million, with 16.5 million e-filed (93%).
  • The volume of PIT refunds issued totaled 13.0 million, with an average refund of $1,031.
  • Total PIT and BE payments processed totaled $56.2 billion, with 56% of payments being made electronically. 
  • Level of access in our Contact Center was 59% for the week of the May 17th due date, and is at 58% for the year, serving over 660,000 customers.

Not surprisingly, the two most visited webpages were the Golden State Stimulus and Check Your Refund, with more than 8.2 million visits combined.

We hope to be able to update you again once we are through the 2021 filing season.