Real-time Identify Proofing and EnrollmentJanuary 2022 Tax News

Faster Access to MyFTB Account

In late January, FTB will implement a new feature that will allow Tax Professionals and Individual taxpayers the ability to register their MyFTB Account in “real time.”

When registering for a new MyFTB Account, Tax Professionals and Individual taxpayers will have the option of providing additional information that FTB will use to validate against a third-party service. If the registrant can be validated, they will not have to wait for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be mailed, and will be able to receive an email to activate their account within a few minutes.

If a registrant is unable to pass the new validation option, they will still be able to create a MyFTB Account. However, they will be required to follow the existing process by receiving a PIN letter via US mail.

When this new option is available, we will provide information on our website.

We will also provide more details in the February edition of Tax News.