MyFTB Corner January 2021 Tax News

Update Contact Information feature misused

Tax Professionals have been using the Update Contact Information feature in MyFTB to “transfer” the account from one representative to another. This is not an appropriate use of the functionality. The MyFTB account belongs to the credentialed person – not the office – and MyFTB accounts are not transferrable (e.g., when a person sells their business).

We added the following warning in MyFTB as of January 4, 2021:

Warning: Do not update your name to give your account to another user. This may result in account deactivation. If you have added a partner or sold your firm, the tax professional taking over must create their own MyFTB account and establish relationships with clients, if such relationships do not already exist.

As a reminder, we monitor all user activity in MyFTB to ensure taxpayer information is only accessed by:

  • The taxpayer
  • Their authorized representatives