MyFTB Corner January 2020 Tax News

Timeframe to renew TIA clients has changed

The timeframe allowed to renew your TIA clients has changed.

Renewal timeframe for TIA clients

Beginning January 2, 2020, you can only renew your TIA clients when there is between 90 and 5 calendar days before the expiration date. The previous renewal timeframe allowed a TIA client to be renewed up to four times a year. Each time you renew a TIA client, we send your client a letter advising them of the renewal. Reducing the window for renewals will allow you to focus on which relationships need attention and eliminate excessive notices sent to your client.

What this means is the Renew link will:

  • Display once there are 90 calendar days before the expiration date.
  • No longer display when there are less than 5 calendar days before the expiration date.

If there are less than 5 calendar days before the expiration date, you cannot renew the client. You must use Add TIA Client in MyFTB or submit form FTB 3534, Tax Information Authorization to add your client again. For more information about how to add a TIA client, refer to How To Add TIA Client.

Reminder: You must have your client’s permission to renew the TIA relationship.

The following illustration provides a timeline of the new TIA client renewal period.

Helpful Tip

The order of the columns on your Client List has changed. The Expiration Date column was moved next to the Action column. Use the Expiration Date to sort/filter your Client List to quickly identify which TIA clients you may need to renew.