Avoid a problem by using Web Pay February 2020 Tax News

Many things are worth repeating, and we believe this is one of them. Using Web Pay is a safe and simple way to avoid problems and the extra work that comes when someone mails a payment to us and that payment isn’t timely credited to their account. Mail delays, incorrect or missing information on a check (tax year, tax ID number), and human error are just some of the reasons a payment may not be timely credited or applied.

An easy way to avoid this problem is to make payments using FTB’s Web Pay portal. Web Pay is available for a variety of personal and business entity payments. Web Pay is free when you use a bank account and you don’t need to register to use it. 1 But, if you do register for MyFTB and then access Web Pay while logged in to MyFTB, you can:

  • View the status of payments made in Web Pay.
  • Cancel pending payments online.
  • Save your bank account information for future payments.
  • Save your spouse/RDP information, if applicable.

With Web Pay you can schedule payments now for a future date and you can avoid a potential penalty for paying by check if you are subject to mandatory e-pay. Web Pay Help is available in the Web Pay portal and you can find answers there to many of your questions about Web Pay, including the different types of personal and business payments that can be made.

Using Web Pay is quick and easy and you receive immediate confirmation that we received your payment request.  You can even make a payment for someone else, if you have their tax ID number.

1 Credit card payments may also be made, but there is a 2.3% service fee if you pay by credit card.