MyFTB Corner August 2021 Tax News

The Facts about Full Online Account Access

We have received a few questions about how Full Online Account Access actually works. As you know, when a Power of Attorney (POA) declaration, or Tax Information Authorization (TIA) relationship is approved for a new client, you automatically have Limited Online Account Access to their information. If you request Full Online Account Access when you file the POA or TIA, or request it later in MyFTB, we send your client an Authorization Code they must use to activate your access.

  • If my client approves Full Online Account Access for me, does that mean all representatives on the POA have Full Access?
    • No. While the POA establishes a relationship between a taxpayer and one or more representatives, the online account access level is specific to an individual representative.
  • Should I share my Authorization Code with the other representatives on the POA?
    • No. Each representative who requests Full Online Account Access or has a MyFTB account when we approve the POA declaration is assigned a unique Authorization Code. Other representatives cannot use your Authorization Code. The notice we send to your client lists the Authorization Code for each representative on the POA who has a MyFTB account.
  • I have Full Online Account Access, but I need to file a new POA declaration. Will my client need to Opt-In again?
    • As long as you request Full Online Account Access when you file the new POA you will not need to have your client Opt-In again. Your Full Online Account Access applies to all active relationships you have with a client. Your access level will stay the same unless you request Limited Online Account Access, your client revokes your Full Online Account Access, or you no longer have an active relationship with the client.