Temporary Suspension of Offset Programs Public Service Bulletin

March 19, 2021

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff that Franchise Tax Board (FTB), in keeping with the Governor Gavin Newsom’s March 12, 2020 executive order, has temporarily suspended the collection activities of the Interagency Intercept Collections (IIC), Federal Treasury Offset Program (FTOP) & Multi-offset Programs (MOP) through July 31, 2021, to provide relief to California taxpayers. Debts for child support are the exception and will continue to be collected through the IIC Program.


Due to the widespread health and economic issues resulting from the COVID pandemic, FTB has temporarily suspended IIC, FTOP and MOP operations until July 31, 2021, or a date to be determined based on the evolving nature of this unprecedented event. Other States and agencies will not receive intercepted funds from FTB during this suspension period. Intercepted funds for child support are the exception and will continue to be issued monthly.

Additional Information

During this time, FTB will continue processing incoming files to change account balances, delete accounts, and add accounts for IIC.

FTB will notify agencies when IIC, FTOP and MOP resume operations.

Taxpayer Inquiries

If you receive a contact regarding an intercept or offset, please refer them to:

FTOP & MOP Contact Center:
IIC Contact Center:
  • Individuals: 866-563-2375
  • Agencies: 916-845-5344