Entity ID Number to use for Electronic Payment Methods

It is important to clarify there are two separate Franchise Tax Board electronic payment methods:

  1. Web Pay
  2. Electronic Funds Withdrawal

The electronic payment method the entity chooses will determine which Entity ID number should be used.

1. Web Pay

  • Corporation: Enter the 7-digit number Entity ID in the box
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): Enter the 9 or 12- digit number Entity ID in the box
  • Partnerships: Entity ID requirements have changed
    • After selecting Partnership, select the type of Entity ID number in the dropdown menu:
      • If California Secretary of State (SOS) ID number is selected, enter the 12-digit number in the box
      • If FTB ID number is selected, enter the 9-digit number in the box.

If the entity’s SOS number does not work or the entity does not have an SOS number, then the FTB Issued ID number should be used. If the entity does not know its FTB Issued ID number, the number can be received by emailing FTBPTSPNoticeInquiry@ftb.ca.gov:

  • Entity name
  • Federal Entity Identification Number (FEIN)

Please note: the FTBPTSPNoticeInquiry@ftb.ca.gov mailbox is only intended to assist business representatives and tax professionals for partnerships who do not know their new FTB identification. No other confidential or proprietary information will be shared from this mailbox. Any other inquiries will need to be made using the Contact us page.

A reply with the FTB Issued ID number will be provided within 2-3 business days.

2. Electronic Funds Withdrawal

  • Use the FEIN
    • However, with this service, the Entity ID number has been expanded to accept the SOS number, or FTB issued ID to identify the entity.

Using the proper Entity ID number, helps us ensure payments are posted properly to the correct entity.