Help with bank account payments Web Pay

Change or cancel a Web Pay request

  • To change a Web Pay request, you must cancel it and submit a new one.
  • You can cancel a Web Pay request up to 2 business days before your scheduled payment date.

If you never filed a California personal income tax return and owe tax

You must contact us for help. Have your California Driver License or California ID number available. You will not get to use some Web Pay features until you’ve filed a tax return.

Your last name changed since you filed your tax return

You must provide the last name you used when you filed your tax return to register or login without registering.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) filing as a corporation

You must use your 7-digit corporation ID.


If your entity's SOS number does not work or your entity does not have an SOS number, then your FTB Issued ID number should be used. If you do not know your entity's FTB Issued ID number, contact us.

Group nonresident return payments

You must use Personal Web Pay.

Group nonresident return filers cannot register for MyFTB to use the enhanced features of Web Pay.

Log in:

  1. In the Social Security Number field, enter your 9-digit corporation, partnership, or LLC FEIN.
  2. In the Last Name field, if you’re a:
    • Partnership or LLC, enter PTSP.
    • Corporation, enter SGNF.
  3. Type the characters from the picture.
  4. Select Login.

Enter your information, review, and submit:

  1. On the Name and Address page:
    • In the First Name field, if you’re a:
      • Partnership or LLC, enter A.
      • Corporation, enter C.
    • Do not change the Last Name field.
    • Complete the remainder of the form.
  2. Select the type of payment you are making.
  3. Enter the payment information.
    • Do not enter Spouse/RDP information.
  4. Enter your bank account information.
  5. Review and submit your payment.
  6. Print or save the confirmation page for your records.