Adding clients to client list

General information

  • You must have your clients’ permission to add them to your Client List. We recommend that you keep a signed copy of your Online Account View Access Authorization (FTB 743) or Tax Information Authorization (FTB 3534) for each client account you view online.
  • We will notify your client when we approve or deny the relationship. Inform your client to expect this notification.
  • You will need your client’s ID number and information from a recent return
  • For individual clients, if the adjusted gross income (AGI) amount is negative, enter the amount as a positive number and select the “Select if AGI is negative” checkbox
  • For business entity clients, if the income amount is negative (loss), enter the amount as a positive number and select the “Select if Net Loss” checkbox

Individual clients

Find your client’s CA AGI on the following lines of their 2020 - 2016 state income tax return:

  • Form 540, Line 17
  • Form 540NR, Line 32
  • Form 540 2EZ, Line 16

Business entity clients

Find the required income amount on the following line of your client’s 2020 - 2016 state return:

  • Form 100, Line 22  - Net income (loss)
  • Form 100S, Line 20  - Net income (loss)
  • Form 100W, Line 22  - Net income (loss)
  • Form 109, Line 9 - Net unrelated business taxable income
  • Form 199, Line 4 - Total gross receipts
  • Form 565, Line 12 – Total income (loss)
  • Form 568, Line 1 – Total income