Management team directory

Executive Office

Executive Officer, Selvi Stanislaus – (916) 845-4543

Accounts Receivable Management Division Chief, Jennifer Fowler – (916) 845-4413

This division collects and manages unpaid individual and corporate income tax debts. They also collect unpaid individual non–tax debts for some state agencies.

Accounts Receivable Bureaus Contact Phone Number
ARM Advisory, Analysis and Services Bureau Teri Dowd (916) 845-4345
Business Entity Collection Bureau Chad Cockrum (916) 845-3772
Field and Complex Account Collection Bureau Tiphanie Weiss (916) 845-5742
PIT Billing and Collection Services Bureau Jacquelyn Griffin (916) 845-3544
Special Programs Bureau Gina Purcell (916) 845-5082
Statewide Collection Bureau Christopher Hicks (916) 845-6354

Administrative Services Division Chief, Denise Mellor – (916) 845-5427

This division supports the organizational needs of FTB, its employees, and the independent Taxpayers' Rights Advocate.

Administrative Services Bureaus Contact Phone Number
Business and Human Resources Bureau Paul Ogden (916) 845-7285
Communications Services Bureau Daryl Lee (916) 845-4401
Equal Employment Opportunity Office Ellen Clemente (916) 845-3651
Internal Audit Bureau Andrea VanWalleghem (916) 845-3488
Privacy, Security, and Disclosure Bureau Robert Mayorga (acting) (916) 845-5245
Taxpayers' Rights Advocate Office Brenda Voet (916) 845-5613

Audit Division Chief, Rachael Bruce – (916) 845-4814

This division examines individuals and businesses income tax returns and supports tax compliance initiatives.

Audit Division Bureaus Contact Phone Number
Audit Services, Administration, and Protest Bureau Craig Nishite (916) 845-3647
Criminal Investigation Bureau Dan Gonzalez (916) 845-6496
Individual and Pass Through Entity Audit Bureau Monica Trefz (916) 845-4002
Individual Audit Program Nick Payan (626) 859-4624
Pass–Through Entity Audit Program Enrique Sanchez (626) 859-4635
Federal/State Special Audit and Business Support Section Jennifer Barton (916) 845-5175
National Business Audit Bureau Madhvi Shah (408) 232-0335
Technical Resource and Services Bureau Ryan Muramoto (916) 845-4588

Filing Division Chief, TBA

This division designs, distributes, and processes income tax forms. They help taxpayers respond to FTB billings and file real estate withholding information. They administer a program that enforces income tax filing requirements.

Filing Division Bureaus Contact Phone Number
Filing Compliance Bureau Scott Reid (916) 845-5211
Filing Methods and Budget Bureau Elaine Abdallah (916) 845-6674
Filing Services Bureau Michelle Frazier (916) 845-6593
Processing Services Bureau Roger Lackey (916) 845-3627

Finance and Executive Services Division Chief, Jeanne Harriman – (916) 845-6431

This division provides FTB with economic, statistical, and legislative support; and financial, asset, and procurement management. They also support FTB’s planning efforts.

Finance and Executive Services Bureaus Contact Phone Number
Economic and Statistical Research Bureau Susan Maples (916) 845-3375
EDR2 Business Director Jennifer Roussel (916) 845-6235
Financial Management Bureau Thi Luong (916) 845-3726
Legislative Services Bureau Annette Kunze (916) 845-6044
Planning, Project Oversight, and Risk Management Bureau Chrissy Casale (916) 845-4116
Procurement Bureau Michael Banuelos (916) 845-6110

Legal Division Chief Counsel, Jozel L. Brunett – (916) 845-3307

This division represents FTB in tax matters such as protests, appeals, bankruptcies, and settlements. They also counsel and advise FTB on personnel matters, nontax programs, administrative proceedings, and legislative issues.

Legal Division Bureaus Contact Phone Number
Business Entity Tax Bureau Roman Johnston (916) 845-5882
General Tax, Administration and Procedure Bureau Craig Scott (916) 845-6510
General Tax Bureau Teresa Wignall (916) 845-3020
Litigation Bureau Raymond Rouse (916) 845-5521
Multistate and Business Entity Tax Bureau Bill Gardner (916) 845-3318
Multistate Tax Bureau Craig Swieso (916) 845-5244
Settlement Bureau Ciro Immordino (916) 845-4066
Settlement and Litigation Bureau William Hilson (916) 845-3741
Tax Administration and Procedure Bureau Jaclyn Zumaeta (916) 845-3980
Technical Resources Bureau Shane Hofeling (916) 845-4581

Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Technology Services Division Chief, Nadean Shavor – (916) 845-3310

This division develops and supports the electronic technology systems FTB uses to interact with taxpayers.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Technology Services Bureaus Contact Phone Number
Analysis Bureau Mandy Fithian (916) 845-5125
Data Bureau Moé Moé Kyo (916) 845-6448
Development Bureau Bryan Rau (916) 845-5355
EDR2 Technical Director Jose Orozco (916) 845-5462
Enterprise Architecture Office Lisa Portillo (916) 845-6287
Infrastructure Bureau Timothy Paulsen (916) 845-5369
Initiation Bureau Spencer Forslund (916) 845-6582
Operations Bureau Jared Johnson (916) 845-2882
Quality Assurance Bureau Marion Hughes (916) 845-6257