If you're on the list Top 500 past due balances

There are some consequences if you or your business is on this list. We’ll mail you or your business a letter at least 30 days before placing you or your business on the list (Notice of Tax Delinquencies – FTB 4192). This letter gives you or your business at least 30 days to avoid being placed on this list.

Suspension or denial of licenses

If you or your business is on the list, some state-issued licenses may be suspended. Common licenses that may be suspended include:

  • Driver license
  • Real estate
  • Medical, dental, nursing
  • Insurance
  • Cosmetology

No longer use your goods or services

State agencies will not enter into contracts with a contractor on the list to acquire goods or services. Other persons and businesses may use this list to make sure they don’t work with people or businesses who are on the list.

How to get off the list

If you or your business want to get off the list or avoid being placed on the list, you should:

  • Contact us
    • Individuals: (888) 426-8555
    • Businesses: (888) 426-8751
  • We’ll discuss options to help you or your business get off the list or avoid being placed on the list (such as agreeing to a payment plan)

Once you or your business is eligible to be removed from the list, we have 5 business days to remove your or your business’s name from the list. We’ll also request to restore any suspended licenses. The licensing agencies have 5 business days from receipt of our request to restore licenses.

If you believe you or your business was placed on the list in error, call us immediately.