FTB LLC Fee Class Action Settlement

Proposed class action settlement

On Friday, May 6, 2022, the Franchise Tax Board issued Notice 2022-02 to inform limited liability companies (LLCs) and the public that the San Francisco County Superior Court has granted preliminary approval of a proposed class action settlement for the Franchise Tax Board Limited Liability Corporation Tax Refund Cases. (The Settlement)

The Settlement was reached to resolve the claims of all class members. A Settlement Administrator has been appointed by the court and the administrator will begin accepting claims from affected LLCs on May 6, 2022. The court will consider issuing an order granting final approval of the proposed settlement on August 2, 2022. If final approval is granted, funds will be provided to the court-approved Settlement Administrator to provide payments to LLCs with valid claims for refund.

If you believe you are in the class but did not receive the notice of settlement, or you have other questions, you may contact the Settlement Administrator by telephone at 1-888-874-5887 or by e-mail at www.FTBLLCTaxSettlement.com.