Annual POA Notice May 2021 Tax News

In September 2021, FTB is launching the new FTB 3912 Power of Attorney – Active Representatives on File letter. This letter provides all taxpayers that have an active Power of Attorney (POA) with FTB a list of all active POA representative relationships on their account. This new letter is intended to keep taxpayers informed of their POA relationships and the level of access each representative has in MyFTB.

Note: The FTB 3912 should not be returned to us for the purposes of revoking a POA. If a revocation is necessary, either the taxpayer or representative must take one of the following actions:

  • Log in to your online MyFTB account to view, edit, or revoke your POA Declaration(s).
  • Call us at 1-800-852-5711 and reference the associated Declaration ID number.
  • Send us a completed FTB 3520 RVK, Power of Attorney Declaration Revocation.

In addition to the FTB 3912 Power of Attorney – Active Representatives on File, FTB is also launching a new General Revocation notice series with the FTB 1143A Representative Relationship Revoked and the FTB 1143B Representative Relationship Status - Revoked.

Previously, when a relationship between a taxpayer and a representative was revoked, the only external communication provided was through MyFTB. This summer, FTB will send a letter to the taxpayer (FTB 1143A) and their primary representative (FTB 1143B) whenever a relationship between them is revoked. In addition to these letters, an email will also be sent to all representatives listed on an active POA declaration when it is revoked.

These letters were developed and will be implemented based on external stakeholder feedback and to communicate important changes in a taxpayer's POA relationship(s).