Resources for small business owners and your small business clients May 2020 Tax News

We would like to remind you of the many resources that are available to small business owners and your small business clients. In these challenging times, having correct and up to date information is vital. In an effort to provide the most accurate information possible, FTB, along with other California State Agencies, have informative websites and publications to assist you.

COVID-19 related information

Refer to our COVID -19 webpages for related information that includes information on special tax relief, updates, and extended tax relief for small businesses.

Informative websites


We have a Business section that provides useful links and filing information for the different forms of business ownership. It also includes information on Doing Business in California and important due dates. There is also a Business help webpage that includes Revivor information if a business is suspended, and links for information on how to dissolve or cancel a business entity. Also, convenient online services such as Web Pay are available on our website.

Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz)

GO-Biz offers a comprehensive website called the California Business Portal that features a business navigator, quick start guides, and links to financial assistance.  If you or your client is in need of permit assistance, CalGold can point you in the right direction of which permits and licenses you may need for your particular business and location.

California Secretary of State (SOS)

This website has a Business section that allows you to search for and access all public records for an entity, find forms to start or dissolve/cancel a business entity, and even file statements of information online.

Small Business Assistance Center

The Small Business Assistance Center is another great resource that is located at the California Tax Service Center website, which is sponsored by the state of California and contains useful information for all aspects of your business.

Education and outreach events

Most in-person Education and Outreach events have been cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 shelter in place executive order. In the future, please use the following two event calendars to find upcoming events near you.

  • FTB Event Calendar – On our website, an event calendar shows upcoming events that are part of our education and outreach efforts.  Upcoming small business seminars are listed here.
  • CDTFA Event Calendar – This is a comprehensive calendar that lists all upcoming events that are sponsored by the CDTFA.  They include small business seminars, new business orientation, basic sales and use tax classes, nonprofit seminars, and more.