Notice of Tax Return Change mailing delayed May 2020 Tax News

This is the time of year we usually remind you that our Notice of Tax Return Change - Revised Balance (FTB 5818-B) will start going out the last week of May. These notices correct an error(s) made on a 2019 tax return and may result in your clients contacting you. Under normal circumstances we mail them after we process all incoming returns and payments. So far, this year has been anything but normal.

The filing and payment due dates have been extended this year to July 15, 2020. As a result, we will delay our notices accordingly and anticipate these mailings to begin the last week of August. To keep up to date on this and other FTB information, visit our COVID-19 webpage.

Use our website and search notices for information about this and other FTB notices. Additionally, if you are an authorized representative, you can view your client’s notice in MyFTB:

  • For your POA clients, use the Client Notices page from your Tax Professional account.
  • For your TIA clients, go to your client’s MyFTB account and select Notices & Correspondence from the Communications dropdown menu.