Double check the address on your client’s tax return March 2020 Tax News

After a tax return is filed most of us take a deep breath and say, “one more for the books.” However, it doesn’t always end there. One additional step you should take is to make sure we have a current address for contact.

Generally, you will need to make sure we have a current contact address for your client if:

  • They are expecting a refund
  • They have a balance due
  • We make an adjustment to their tax return during processing

There may be times when a client moves just prior to or shortly after filing their most recent tax return without telling you or us. Not having an updated address for your client can definitely lead to problems.

For example, when a refund is delayed due to additional processing and direct deposit wasn’t requested it may be sent out several months after you or your client expect. Without a current address, it will most likely be returned to us.

But, it’s not just refunds that we need to be concerned about. More serious problems can occur when the taxpayer:

  • Files a balance due return and is waiting for us to send the first billing notice (Statement of Tax Due) in order to set an installment agreement
  • Is unaware of a balance due from a notice of tax return change that we issued during processing of their return

Unfortunately, over time and unattended balance may result in:

  • Additional penalties
  • Fees
  • Collection action

The best way to avoid these unnecessary mishaps is to double-check the current mailing address with your client and make any necessary changes.

Addresses may be updated with the most recent return. Visit our How do I change my address? webpage for additional ways your client can update their address.